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Posted by sidanthi on 2012-07-15 18:11:11
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Anemic Doberman Pinscher, Vet can't figure out why


My Dog has Been Anemic For Months, Need Help

My dog has been having anemia for several months now. We gave her vitamins and suppliments throughout but she also had a bout of tick fever and filaria during this time. All those conditions were treated and resolved and soon after she went through her heat cycle which ended in late June,2012. We did a blood rest recently and she's still anemic although she eats and behaves rather normally. she is 9 years old. The vets could not find any underliying cause for the anemia, at least not yet. What can i do to help her? nutrition wise? and how can i boost her red cell count and resolve this situation? I have been taking her to Pets V Care, but now i'm wondering whether i should go to Pet Vet Clinic. Can someone recommend a vet who is proactive rather than reactive? Would greatly appreciate the info. Thanks! 

She's a doberman pinscher, female, 9yrs.
She did have two ultra sounds done in the past few months and the last one revealed that she had an enlarged spleen. The vet put that to the tick fever issue and her stomach protrusion has gone down significantly since then.


Reply by Dez   2012-07-16 14:09:08

I assume she is an outdoor dog or has a kennel in the garden. The real issue is that she had been eating garden lizards over some years which can lead to this problem, sorry, there is no cure


Reply by Chanaka   2012-10-03 19:58:04

If you want to kill your dog after spending a packet continue going to where you are going. Tick Fever  and E.anis test can only be done properly at Welisara govt clinic. Take the dog to Dr Sasanka if you want it to live.

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