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Posted by shehan on 2012-03-20 01:30:52
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RE: golden retrievers

hi all !!!! im here for an opinion from you xperts..... wanna get a golden retriever pup..can any 1 recomend a breeder for a quality golden pup???and what could be the price range?? is there any 1 who got puppies sired by melody choice of achilles kennel of kandana.. can any 1 confirm the quality of that dog's puppies??? tnx.....

Reply by Dez   2012-03-21 05:34:03

Choice is a stud dog. He needs to be mated to the right female to get the right quality puppy out. You should talk to the owner of the dog to whom she had bred him to.

You get brokers whom know the lines but if you need specaility sevices you need to pay them for there time.

Golden retrievers start 40000, something good about 60000. I heard the owner of Choice had bought some new golden retrievers at a very high price


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