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Posted by rasika on 2012-06-03 22:52:50
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Registration of puppies

Is there a possibility of registering a litter of original puppies who the mother is ckc registered and father though pure but not registered as owners were not bothered about it.



Reply by kasun   2012-06-21 10:18:51

Hi Rasika,yes it is posible.but you have to take the pups to the "breed verification programm" which is organize by both CKC and matter even both parens are non registered ones.they examine the quality of pups according to their breed standards and if your pups are ok they will register them.but it is a annual program and a just one day first contact both CKC and KASL clubs and ask the date of next breed verification programm.they will let you know.

Reply by Dez   2012-06-21 23:22:40

You will not be able to register the litter under your name because:-

1) Puppies are too young. KASL ask for a min 9 month age.

2) Parents needs to be registered proir the pups been born.

These pups would need to be registered as individual adult dogs. KASL ask for microchipping. KASL is the better club with many international affiliations.

Reply by rasika   2012-06-25 08:57:14

thanks for your kind replys...will try to register them after one year.

Reply by Fiona   2013-01-24 15:39:43

kasl club has some internal issues. safer to go with ckc. there was a article in the papers about it.

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