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Posted by Pet on 2014-08-18 14:58:18
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International Pet Relocation / Pet Shipping Services in Sri Lanka

Pet Express is a professional International Pet Relocation service provider based in Colombo - Sri Lanka, and we specialize in safely relocating Pets to any part of the world.  Furthermore, we are a member of "International Pet and Animal Transportation Association" (IPATA) and Sri Lanka's leading international pet travel specialist & worldwide service provider for relocating pets around the world.


We possess, unsurpassed experience in shipping pets to / from Sri Lanka, in to many different countries, and our specialist team will ensure you, that all of your Pet's international travel requirements are met accordingly and your Pet's journey will be planned smoothly and stress-free.  Focusing on your beloved pet’s safety and comfort, our pet pet relocation specialists will help you with every detail.

Our pet relocation specialists are constantly updated on the ever changing international rules & regulations as we constantly communicate with all respective agencies around the world. We always go the extra mile to ensure that your beloved pet travels in a stress free situation without any hiccups.

Worldwide Pet Relocation from Sri Lanka (Sending pets from Sri Lanka to other countries)

  • Total Pet Relocation services under one roof. (Door-to-Door Service & Origin Airport to destination airport)
  • Manifested Air Freight AVI flight arrangements for pets / Flight itinerary booking
  • Quarantine Certificates, International Health Certificates and other Travel Documents
  • Export Quarantine Approvals & Clearance (Chief Quarantine Office & Airport Quarantine)
  • Export Customs documentation and clearance / Customs Approvals
  • IATA Certified Airline Travel Crates (Plastic or Customized wooden crates)
  • Identification / ISO microchipping process if required
  • Blood testing / Rabies Serology Test (Titre test) done through accredited labs
  • Ground transportation of pets / Airport drop
  • 24/7/365 special AVI pet handling at Air Cargo Terminal in Colombo
  • Overnight Boarding and Boarding Services when necessary
  • Transit Permits when traveling through various transit countries
  • Advice on destination requirements and quarantine laws / Import Permits at the destination country
  • Clearance & Delivery at Destination airport (Door Delivery at destination)

Pet Relocation into Sri Lanka from Abroad (Bringing in pets in to Sri Lanka)

  • Arranging the Import Permit to import pets in to Sri Lanka
  • Provide consultation & assistance on preparing all travel documentations specialized for your pet
  • Import Customs Documentation / Customs Declaration 
  • Import Customs Clearance within 01-02 hours from the time of flight arrival
  • Import Quarantine Clearance within 01-02 hours from the time of flight arrival
  • Door Delivery if required
  • If required, we can provide air freight flight arrangements for pets from origin airport to Colombo

We at Pet Express, always plan your pet's relocation process carefully and meticulously. Our pet relocation specialists have helped hundreds of clients to relocate their beloved pets to reach their new homes.

Moreover, we always emphasize on the pets' safety and comfort! We consistently ensure that the required paperwork is processed properly in order to carry out a smooth transition. We are true pet lovers...We always handle your beloved pets with a soft voice and gentle hands.

To set up your free consultation please feel free to contact us anytime.

Thanking you

Best Regards,
Shanaka Perera
Terminal 2-3, Air Cargo Village,
Bandaranaike International Airport, (CMB) Katunayake
Sri Lanka
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