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Posted by C on 2012-05-31 09:58:08
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Dog Trainers

Dear All

     I need some advice or a  contact of a trainer  for my  7 month old rotti.  I used to have  German shepherded  many years ago , which seem to  have learn   everything by   him self . she was the most  obedient dog i have ever had. no training whatsoever was required.  I have been living out of the country for many  years and now permanently  back home . So  I went ahead  and bought a rotti . I  wanted to  train  him from small but with  work commitments and stuff  she has been a bit  neglected. My in-laws have a stubborn  12 year old Labrador . I think the biggest mistake I did was to  put them out together. My pup  was jumping  all over him  and now   no one in the house  could go out when she is out . the first thing  he does is jump on you . she never barks . The Lab  never did either, any stranger would come in  and not a hum.  So my guess is that  she has learnt all the bad habits  from the Lab. So finally I have decided to  get some to help me overcome this situation  because i think Rottis are  beautiful dogs , and i want to be able to bring him up the right way . Can anyone please help me  find someone . A couple of months back i spoke to Priyantha Gunasekara  who my vet recommended , but unfortunately  he has passed away.   I have  wantched  programs on ceaser Milan  trying them  but it never works . Once she  is on a leash  she is obedient , but as soon as I  let her go   she becomes wild . pulling the cloths off the line and  stuff.  So I would gratly appreciate any help  on this

Many thanks


Reply by C   2012-06-06 17:21:01

is there no one who could give me some advice on  trainers

Reply by Sanki   2012-06-18 13:53:52

There are some trainers mentioned in Ceylon Kennel Club (CKC) website.

I also saw a person called Chanaka who had said that he's doing training. His number is 0722 110 827.

Reply by Dez   2012-06-21 23:24:42

Often people are confused with the word trainer. Trainers can teach you dog to heal, walk, sit, stay etc.... but they have no idea about dog behavior and how they can modify a problem.

Reply by C   2012-06-22 11:52:18

thanks for the advice.  CKC  wesite mentiones  only  two trainers.  priyantha  & sunil  and Priyantha is no more.    I have called sunil  and  he  has started  the traiing now . My pup is  8 Months old now. i can see a improvemant  but sometime he goes  mad. He starts jumping on you  pulling the lothes of the line . this is what i want to stop.  any advice  will be highly  apprihited .  wonder how long  it would take to get   her to listen ,

Reply by Chanaka   2012-10-03 19:52:09

I should be able to help you. I am Chanaka de Silva. I am the one started the Kennel corker in the Island, and gave pet advie on Sath FM 'Radio. Call me if you wish. 0722110827


Reply by Fiona   2013-01-24 15:43:19

chanaka do you beat the dogs? Ive heard of mean trainers hope you are not one.

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